30 May 2012

WU LYF - Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

This post is a little late, I have been following this band for a while and they have done some very exciting things for the Manchester music scene. They started off as a group of mysterious revolutionaries and managed to build up some serious hype by ironically doing everything they could to remain under the radar and faceless. They're website, like the band itself, was pretty much impenetrable, crammed with quasi-religious sloganeering and contrasting images of western wealth and third-world poverty, and nothing about their actual music, just a few demos curculating the internet and a handful of low-key gigs around Manchester. It was only after releasing to the press, a picture of a masked group of youths on a Manchester rooftop, that people could even begin to guess who Wu Lyf were.

All this of course was part of the bands carefully managed image and created a  huge air of excitement. When Jay-Z tweeted about the band in 2011, quoting some of their poetic lyrics, more people outside Manchester began to take notice and Wu Lyf started to emerge.

Since then the band have come along massively, their album 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain' was relased last June and they played at Coachella this year.

So if this is the first you've heard of Wu Lyf then definately check them out. They're really worth a listen. My favourite songs is Concrete Gold and Dirt. You can watch them both below :)

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