26 May 2012

Emma Mullholland

Read an interview with this Australian designer in RUSSH Magazine and wanted to share some of her SS12 Lookbook with you. The Aussies colourful collection makes reference to surf culture (of course) and combines it with touches of rave, tribal and psychedelic influences. Though none of that will really describe the very serious fun of her aesthetic, which simultaneously manages to be very wearable in it's shapes.

Her autumn 2012 collection, “Tropical Rebel”, was filled with her usual garish prints. But for this collection she has leaned towards the darker end of the spectrum. Her inspirations stayed within the range of Australian surf culture, but she added a different twist. Influenced by Courtney Love and The Craft, the collection was filled with imagery of nineties grunge. The shark motif that was featured on almost every piece was created by a combination of screen printing and expert tie-dying, which is a Mulholland staple. The designer even introduced some unisex fleece sweatshirts and tees.


emma-victoria said...

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WOW! So amazing!