1 May 2012

PlanetBlue 'Planetary Rose'

Probably the best use of hair die ever. EVER. I am obsessed. The lookbook showing off some of Planet Blue's amazing new items for the season has a serious native feel with loads of trend worthy native prints and colours inspired by Peruvian and Bolivian dress. It's the hair though and the glitter that do it for me. I was getting over this hair trend, but seeing these images has re-ignited my desperate longing for multi-coloured hair this summer.


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Nicole said...

Wow, amazing hair color!
I like your blog and follow you now. It would be great if you follow me too!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

Pris HT said...

wow this hairstyle is amazing!!!


StyleandBeautie said...

gorgeous pictures x


TrueLoveComesOnlyinBoutique said...

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Mai Ker Xiong said...

love the outfit! Gorgeous hair color! Lets follow each other. I'm following you. :)

Marina Gallardo said...

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S. said...

Really cool style, the photos are lovely as well!

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Our Youth said...

Looks beautiful. x

kirstyb said...

oooh look at that hair

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