28 July 2012

Saturday Inspo

 Zosia Mamet - If you haven't watched 'Girls' yet I suggest you do.
 90s Kate
 Topshop Tumblr
 Young Audrey
 Love this
 Topshop Tumblr

25 July 2012

Style Love: Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg is a vintage store with a twist. You take in your old unwanted attire and whatever they like they will exchange for store credit so you can shop their vintage selection without spending a penny or you can just shop the selection even if you have nothing to exchange. Next time you take a trip to New York or if you live in New York, be sure to head to Bedford and check this place out. I found this picture on a Brooklyn Street Style blog of a girl outside Buffalo Exchange. My style inspiration for the day. 

Glamour Magazine Spain

Found this editorial on Oracle Fox. Just did a post about skateboarding and this is just gorgeous. 70s style, skateboarding, sunshine and amazing styling.

24 July 2012

Skater Girls

I had a brief encounter with skateboarding when I was 14. My parents bought me one in Dublin for my 14th birthday. My whole life was about Blink 182, I was going through a full blown skater girl stage and my dad brought me a cream and white Yamaha Pacifica (the ultimate guitar for beginners, and which I still have in my room at home along with my Blink 182 and Brand New posters). 

I didn't make it far with the skateboarding or the guitar and I completely regret not sticking with both. Not that I want to be a skateboarder or a guitarist but they would be pretty cool to add to my list of skills. And I was so much braver when I was younger, I fell off and scraped my elbows so many times and it didn't bother me, I just went for it again, the idea of doing that now scares the shit out of me, I can barely ride a bike. I've got so much respect for girls my age who are good at skateboarding because they obviously stuck it out for the years that I didn't and trust me it is so so difficult to even get past the basics of skateboarding. 
Anyway there's my daily musings...the point of this post was to share some skate inspiration and these are some images which have been popping up all over the web. Enjoy :) xx

23 July 2012

Starheel and The Supers

I couldn't love this shoe collection from Kurt Geiger anymore. A capsule shoe collection with the idea that every woman should own a pair of fabulous shoes, I'm talking THE pair of shoes, that you put on and they make you feel like a super star. 

French Photography: Fanny Latour Lambert