23 December 2011

Brian Reyes And My New York Summer of '08

I was lucky enough to spend one of my summers living in New York as a fashion intern for the beautiful womenswear label Brian Reyes LLC. It was an amazing experience, and not just the internship where I learnt so much about the world of high-end fashion and worked with some wonderful talented people (including Brian Reyes himself who is a very cool man), but I also got to spend two months living in this amazing city. 

Here are some pictures from the Brian Reyes Lookbook Resort 09 collection. This is the collection which was in the studio when I was there so every time I see it I feel a pang of sadness and wish I could go back in time. It's beautiful. 

I had been to New York before with my family on a couple of occasions around Christmas time, and although New York for many people is sort of synonymous with the Christmas Holidays (the window displays on 5th Ave, skating at the Rockefeller, the freeeeezing temperature) for me, nothing compares to a summer in New York. Yes the city literally turns into a sweat box, the subway is uncomfortable, the rain comes out of nowhere like a tropical thunderstorm and you may find yourself stuck in a doorway for an hour, but all that aside, you can't beat it...lazing in central park, watching one of the free outdoor concerts that pop up all over the city, walking the Brooklyn bridge, sitting on the 'sidewalk' eating pizza on Bedford Avenue watching the hip kids go by, eating hot-dogs in Coney Island...oh my god, I love this city. Im feeling an overwhelming sense of nostalgia so now is probably a good time to share some memories in pictures with you from the best summer of my life.

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