22 April 2012

Trends at Coachella 2012

Went a bit Coachella crazy....There are hundreds and hundreds of pictures on WGSN of style shots from the festival. Here are some of the trends that stood out.

Saloon inspired festival girl. Fringing and tassels, ripped denim, waistcoats, cowgirl buckles, a bit of crochet and amazing western inspired boots.

90s grunge. The Grunge look has been a kind of permanent fixture for the last maybe three years, but it's become a bit more boyish and raw. Styling is key, a 90s rucksack or something tied around your waist is a good look. Dungarees, plaid, tough boots, cut out details, oversized denim, a bit of floral or a bit of tie dye and oversized sloppy tee's.

The most girlie trend from the festival, the kind of 50s inspired Lolita look. Lots of heart prints, 50s shape skirts and dresses, socks with shoes, polka dots, ruffles, white and pink, girlie florals, lace, sweetheart shape crops and bows.

Hippy girl :) tie dye, flower headbands, daisy print, save the planet, peace and love

Tomboy! Loving the oversized sweaters, band t-shirts, high-tops, baseball caps and the general laid back sporty look of these girls. How good is the white dungaree and snap-back combo...

Aciiiiiiiid. 90s trip. 

Ditsy florals, broaderie anglaise, crochet, pretty inserts and trims, floaty chiffon, girlie layering, heavy sleeves and loose shapes give the perfect prairie girl look.

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