5 February 2012

Festival Hair Flowers

I love this trend that's going to re-emerge for the summer. The floral garlands were a big hit at the festivals over the last couple of years, but now they have come back bigger and better.

Some of the best you can buy I found were on the Free People and ASOS websites.

ASOS had a really nice choice of own brand ones and my favourite from a brand called 'Her Curious Nature'

Top Left to Right: ASOS Carnation Flower Headband: £8, Her Curious Nature Velvet Flower headband (shop at ASOS):£28, ASOS Orchid headband: £8, ASOS Flower Hessian headband: £8
All available to shop here now at ASOS.COM

Free People had a great choice, florals seems to be everywhere on their website

From top left to right: Flower Braid Halo (3 colours); £36.58, Floral Braided Headdress;£49.19, Tonal Ribbon Flower Headdress; £30.27, Tonal Flower Tie; £17.66

And my ultimate fave from Free People...

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