10 March 2012

Label LOVE: StyleStalker 'Come As You Are' LookBook

It's not my first post about these guys, and it won't be my last. StyleStalker are doing fantastic things for Australian fashion having been snapped up by some of the most influential UK retailers such as ASOS and Selfridges in the last couple of years. The label which launched in 2008 are among a few fantastic Aussie labels creating waves overseas. They always keep the collections fairly concise, enough pieces to get your head spinning with a mental wish-list but small enough to keep each piece interesting and completely unique from the last and leave you dying for more. Here are the images from the latest collection 'Come As You Are'.

Grunge but girly and a bit rock n' roll seems to be a recurring theme with this label, and that's exactly why I love them. I love florals, I love leather, I love mesh and lace, I love zips and studs, I love slouchy oversized dresses, tight pants and anything that hangs off my shoulder. And this is what StyleStalker does so well and why they are one of my favourite labels.

This collection was filled with leather, sequins, metallics and studds, mixed with chiffon dresses, oversized jersey tank tops and slouchy knitwear. And without doubt a LookBook that makes you want to be THAT GIRL. See more images here.

Model: Alexandra Spencer
Photographer: Kimberly Gordon
Styling: Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San
Hair and Make-Up: Sina Velke

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