31 March 2012

Topshop Boutique Smock Dress

I love Topshop Boutique. They are a fantastic way to build some quality more timeless pieces into your wardrobe to mix-up with your high-street trend pieces. I don't mind spending a bit of extra money on Topshop Boutique because I know that the pieces will outlast the trends a little longer and the quality is good. I think they are great for basic vests and tee's and do the most amazing simple dresses, which you can just accessorise loads.

The next piece on my wish-list is the smock dress which at first glance on the hanger looks like it could be a pretty unflattering piece due to it's kind of sack like appearance, but it's so interesting and when it's on and looks really great.

I'm quite gutted I missed out on my colour of choice which was a baby blue and cream ticking stripe. They only made a couple of hundred as well.

I tried the grey 'Prince Of Wales' print on at Oxford Street. Here it is. You can probably see what I mean by my sack description with the masses of fabric, but doesn't it just look so cool? I love the shoulder detail and the way it sort of bunches up around your sides. I loooooove it.

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